Im excited to announce Natural Dye Workshops in this summer 2017 in and around Los Angeles, CA and New York City. Enter your name and email address below if you would like to be added to my contact list for newsletters & to be notified of new workshops. Please reach out via email ( thedogwooddyer at gmail dot com) if you have any specific questions. Sign up soon as most classes fill up!

Organic Indigo: Local & Exotic Workshop- at Wild Mesa Topanga, Topanga Canyon, CA
Saturday, August 19th- 10am-2pm /////  Registration Here

Bundle Dyeing Workshop- at Makers Mess- Silverlake- Los Angeles, CA
Saturday September 23rd- 1-4pm ///// 

Organic Indigo Workshop- at Makers Mess- Silverlake- Los Angeles, CA
Sunday September 24th- 1-4pm /////  Registration Here

Natural Dyeing Weekend Intensive- at The Fashion Institute of Technology- Manhattan, NY
Saturday & Sunday October 14th & 15th- 10am-5pm /////

Natural Dyeing with Medicianl Plants- at Space by Mama Medicine- Manhattan, NY
Monday October 16th- 6-9pm ///// Registration Here


Natural dye workshops that I love teaching...

-Organic Indigo Sugar Vat- Unlike most modern indigo dye vats that are prepared quickly with a chemical reducing agent, this workshop will use only sugar and natural ingredients to activate the indigo dyeing power of the vat. Indigo is unlike any other natural dye process in many ways and the blue color produced is rich, complex and unparalleled in beauty. This dye is perfectly suited for experimenting with shibori- traditional tie, bind  and stitch techniques. Learn the science behind the nature of indigo while experiencing the alchemistic wonder of it’s transformation from indigo white to blue!

-Dyeing with Rust- With a little time & moisture old & found metal objects can be a world of natural dyeing potential. Learn how to turn an old rusty chain, or pail of neglected nails into natural permanent markers. Also learn how iron is often used by natural dyers to shift the color of many natural dyes and about it's role as an indispensable modifier.

Bundle Dyeing- This workshop will introduce participants to the colorful world of natural dye plants, many of which are dual purpose edibles and have herbal/medicinal properties!  Natural dye basics such as mordanting, color extraction, and historical context will be covered and you will learn the unique, free form technique of bundle dyeing using fresh, locally grown and foraged dyestuffs. You'll be amazed at the colors attainable by using only plants and minerals! Each participant will leave with a large bundle dyed silk scarf, resources lists and instructional guide on how to repeat the process at home

-Tannins & Natural Mordants- Many dye plants are particularly valuable for their color making potential as well as their ability to act as a natural mordant simultaneously. A mordant is a necessary process for most natural dyers to ensure long lasting & clear color adhesion to the fiber. Learn about the local plants & natural substances that act as their own mordants & how to successfully dye without relying on mined & shipped mordants.

-Painting on Silk- Using natural dye stuffs you will gain knowledge and experiment with the direct application of paints made from natural dye plants and extracts. Each participant will leave with painted silk scarves and a handout outlining natural dye painting techniques and recipes to recreate this beautiful art at home.

-Itajime & Arashi- Using natural dye stuffs you will gain knowledge and experiment with the time honored Japanese resist dye techniques: Itajime & Arashi. Each participant will leave with dyed silk scarves and a handout outlining natural dye techniques, resist techniques, and recipes to recreate this beautiful art at home.

-Natural Dyeing with Locally Foraged Plants- Get to know the colorful bounty that your local area has to offer by working with fresh plants that I've foraged from nearby. Natural dyeing can be fun, but the experience of using in season & regionally relevant plants as opposed to dried, imported powders provides a real connection to this age old process.




Sustainable Practices & Education

My knowledge of natural dyes & the plants from which they are derived comes from first hand experience urban gardening & foraging in the American & English countryside. I feel it is my duty to share this information with as many people as possible to keep natural color knowledge alive! 

I hold a masters degree in Sustainable Fashion & have had much experience teaching students of all ages including children & teens. I teach continuing education, fashion and design degree students at both Parsons The New School and FIT.

Contact me for information on workshop details & my educational services.

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